Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Avid Egg Hunt

Today in Avid we had our annual egg hunt outside at school. It was pretty fun. At first I only found one egg but I actually found a second one just walking back to the "cornucopia", the line we had to stand in after finding two eggs in order from the first person back to the last. Maurice had the 'grenade' egg so that means one person from Hyperion had to be cut from the games. When we went back inside we opened our eggs, each of them containing a random act of kindness that we are required to complete. Mine were to show up to class early for the rest of the day and ask how I can help and also appreciate my health and do some type of excercise. We also learned that we only have to do one blog a week for fourth quarter so that we can concentrate more on getting ready for our AP tests :)

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