Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Today I am going to start researching scholarships that would be a good fit for me. Since we have to have to submit to at least 10 scholarships by the end of the quarter, I know there is no time to delay any further. I think I will most likely do a lot of writing scholarships because I love writing, especially creative writing like poetry, plays, and short stories. This way, the process of applying for so many scholarships can be fun instead of tedious and I can be creative with it. I could also submit to many small, unique scholarships like the one you can get for being left handed, being African American, or even being tall.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Black History Month Assemble

Today we had an assemble during fourth period for black history month. It was composed by the National Honors Society and they did a very good job keeping the show entertaining with many different things. There was a fashion show where various students would bring out inventions originally made by African American inventors. Then there was the 'Who Am I?" game, where students and teachers were dressed up as various important African American people in history and we had to guess who they were based on their speeches. Afterwards there was a hip hop performance from the dance team. Over all, I really enjoyed the assemble and hope we can have many more like it.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Hunger Games Research Paper

Today I started doing research for my research paper in my AP English class. We need to have at least 80 note cards and at least 8 different sources. I decided to do my paper on 'The Hunger Games' because it is a book I really enjoyed reading and something I can write easily about since I know the book so well. I am going to take a combination of a formalistic focus and a sociological focus to this essay because they both make better sense for the book together rather than separately. With the paper being due at the end of March, I know I have to hurry though.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Journalistic Photography

Today I went to Baltimore city with my dad to work on my concentration project in AP Photo. The idea of my concentration is centered around poverty in urban areas so I chose to go to Baltimore city since it's the closest and there are a lot of examples of destitution and struggle. I got a lot of good shots and I felt like a real journalistic photographer going around taking pictures of the conditions or abandoned houses, the homeless, and many more. Here are a few shots I took.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Doodle 4 Google

Today I worked on my Doodle for Google scholarship. Although I am behind on the due date for it in AVID, the latest it can be turned in for the contest is on March 20th so Dona said she would work with me and allow me to have more time. This year's theme is "If I could travel in time, I would...". I'm still thinking about how to fill in that blank so I looked at past Doodle for Google winners for inspiration. There were a lot of artistic and creative winners, my favorite was this one.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Good News And Bad News

Today I got my second quarter report card. I didn't get straight A's (two of my classes dropped down to B's) but I still got an honor roll certificate. Now I've got two hanging up in my room and hopefully by the end of the year I'll have four. It serves as good inspiration to persevere through all the work I have to do and get it done. However the good news didn't last for long when my interim brought me back to reality. I have two C's, one in AVID and another in Photography but that's understandable since I was out for so long. This is even more reason to catch up-- and fast.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

So Much To Do, So Little Time

Today I continued to work on catching up in my other classes. I have a lot to do with my research paper in English and apparently I have 40 note cards due tomorrow! In AVID I have to get my FASFA completed, make my 'Doodle 4 Google', make up my Caesar Flickerman interview, and apply for 10 scholarships. In photography I have to have 6 finished, edited pictures for my portfolio. It's all a lot to take in but I can't afford to slack off now.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

First Day Back

Today was my first day back to school since coming home from New York. Everyone was asking about fashion week and if I met any celebrities, and what I wore. I felt very welcomed back by everyone, especially my AVID family. In art class I had to catch up on two oil pastel drawings, one of the sunrise and one of the sunset. I had a few other options but Mr. Hammer said the point of this exercise was about learning how to blend. I had a lot of fun using oil pastels, they're kind of like crayons but the oil makes it glide across the paper and easier to blend. I also had to create a collage in my sketchbook, cutting and pasting items with texture on one page and drawing them with colored pencil and blending on another. Then in English class we watched 'There Eyes Were Watching God', a movie based on the book we're reading in class by the same book. Halle Berry starred in the film and I don't think I've seen many movies with her in it but she is an amazing actress. AVID was also really fun. It looks like I came back on just the right day because Mr. Carney ordered pizza for everybody, it was so good! Lastly, in photography class, I researched photographers for my homework assignment. So today was a good day.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Today was a very mellow day and the last one of my break until I have to go to school again tomorrow. I wish I hadn't delayed on writing about what I did everyday while in NY because I am still behind on my blogs. It's just hard getting back in the swing of things after being gone for so long. Hopefully tomorrow will be more productive for me.

Monday, February 20, 2012

My Grandma's Birthday

Today is my grandma's birthday! I called her as soon as I woke up to wish her a happy birthday and she was so glad that I did. Since she was always talking about needing a new knife sharpener for her kitchen, that's what my family and I got her and she said she loved it. Aside from that, she was also congratulating me on doing so well during fashion week. That's one of the things I love about her; even on a day like today where everything should be about her, she always finds a way to make others feel good. :)

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Getting Back On Track

Today, I am going to be spending a lot of time catching up on my blog since I wasn't able to do it for the three weeks I was out during fashion week. Luckily, I kept record of what I did everyday so that makes it a bit easier. I also have a four day weekend to use to my advantage so that by the time I go back to school on Wednesday, I will be all caught up. (:

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Fun Filled Day

Today I left around noon to go watch my friends Ciarra and Laurie's dance competition. It was very entertaining but it kind of reminded me of my cheerleading days because the dancers were using pom poms and chanting things or spelling out their school initials. Unfortunately I couldn't stay long enough to watch their second performance because I had to leave to go to my friend Mokun's party. There were a lot of familiar faces there from New Town and my old middle school. Over all, I had a really fun day and felt really welcomed back from all of my friends.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Going Home

Today I allowed myself to sleep in now that fashion week is over and I woke up feeling very well rested. After taking a shower and eating breakfast, I went for a walk. The weather was so nice, it felt like a cool spring day outside. While I was out, I looked around in different shops for a birthday gift for my friend Mokun. Once I was done shopping, I went back to the apartment just in time to say goodbye to one of the girls who was leaving. We may not see each other again until spring break or during the summer so it was kind of sad. Since today is my last day in the city as well, I started double checking to make sure I wasn't leaving anything behind. Then Josh (the chaperone) and I went to the bus stop and I got on my bus at 3:30. I got home around 6:30 and it is so nice to be back. I finally have my own bedroom again and I don't have to share a bathroom with five other girls!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Zuzu Kim Presentation

Today I did a presentation for designer, Zuzu Kim. This was my first time ever doing a presentation instead of the usual runway show. During a presentation, the models stand up on a platform in the designer's clothes for a number of hours, in this case, three. I immediately went into hair and make up and I loved the look they gave me.  It was a light black/gray smokey eye and light pink lips. After a while of waiting after my make up was complete, I started to get hungry so I went out to get something to eat. I came back just in time to get fitted into my outfit and get on stage. It was surprisingly hot under all the lights but I got used to it. We were able to change up our poses so that we wouldn't get too stiff and we even got to take a short break. After the show was over, I thanked the designer and met up with Josh to get back to the apartment. I had a very good time at the show and met lots of nice people. It was a good experience and I'm glad I did it. :)

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

House of Eleven

Today I went on a lot of castings for hair and make up companies such as Aveda, Wella, and Ambi Skincare. During the Wella Hair casting, they seemed to be very interested in me and they talked about cutting my hair really short. At first I was hesitant about cutting my hair as short as they want me to but I later grew to be more okay with it. And they would be flying me out to London for the job so I think that would be a great experience for me. After my go sees, I had a runway show for 'House of Eleven'. It was so hectic backstage because there were multiple designers and so many models. I really loved the clothes though and walking down the runway was so fun. I get such an adrenaline rush from it. The crowd was so fun and encouraging and when I got off the runway, there were tons of people congratulating me on how well I did so I felt like I did a good job. :)

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Today I walked in a runway show for designer, Goka. I was really excited about this show because Andre Leon Talley, the editor at large of Vogue magazine and designer and president of the CFDA (Council of Fashion Designers of America), Diane Von Furstenberg would be there. And on top of that amazing news, the designer chose me to close the show in a long, beautiful gown. Closing the show is an honor because they always choose the best model and their best outfit for last. It was a lot to take in and I was a little nervous at first but when it was time for me to walk, all of that nervous energy just went away. I had a great time doing this and getting to work with so many amazing people.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Rolando Santana

Today I walked for designer Rolando Santana. I arrived at the venue at 1:30 and was immediately sent into hair and make up. I loved the make up a lot, the eye shadow was gold and black with light pink lip about a shade lighter than my natural color. It almost had an Egyptian feel to it but once they did my hair with big, voluminous curls, you could tell the entire look was 70's inspired. After hair and make up, we did a walk through of the show , which is when the designer tells you how he wants you to walk down the runway for when the show really does start. After that, we changed into our outfits, mine consisted of a black turtle neck and black leather jacket and a long, golden skirt with black, suede high heels. When the show started I was so excited. We were all dancing to the music before we went out and having a good time but on the runway, we put our serious faces on! After the show, one of my agents came backstage to tell me I did such a good job and that I'm really improving from last show season. I was really glad to hear this because I always try to do my best. :)

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Caesar Galindo

Today I walked for designer Caesar Galindo. The show was at the Yotel, a futuristic hotel where everything is said to be self serviced. I even heard that robots work there instead of real people but to my disappointment, there were none. When I went to hair and make up, they gave me a purple smokey eye and ruby/red-pink lip and rosey blush. My hair was slicked back into a ponytail. After that I started fitting into my outfit for the show. There were multiple designers so it was a bit chaotic backstage and last minute, I found out I would be walking for two of the other designers. Before going out on the runway we had to take a few pictures in our outfit, It was so much fun and the crowd was so lively. I had a blast. :)

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Rolando Santana Fitting

Today was a pretty relaxing day. I didn't have much to do besides a fitting for the show I'm doing on Monday for Rolando Santana. When I got to the fitting I was the first person there so the were quick to see me and put me in one of their outfits, then they took a picture of me in it and I was done. (: I'm glad I got there when I did because as I was leaving I saw a bunch of other girls going in. Now I have the whole day to relax and do anything I want.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Grom Gelatto

Today there were a ton of castings all over the city and unfortunately at one of them, I lost my metro card. I put enough money on it to last me a week and I got a few days out of it. Well now I know never to put my metro card in my pocket anymore. Aside from that, after we were done all of our castings, me and a few of the girls went to Grom. I had never been there before but since the girls were always raving about it, I figured I'd give it a try. Grom is an Italian gelato place and their gelato is so good. I had the 'Crem de Grom' flavor and I loved it! I'll definitely be going back again. :)

Thursday, February 9, 2012


Today was another day full of castings. Our last casting was all the way out in Brooklyn. The area looked kind of sketchy and so did the building but when we went inside, it was actually very nice. When the casting was over, I decided to do a little bit of grocery shopping since the price of things is much cheaper in Brooklyn compared to in Manhattan. :P

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

New York Attitude

Another day full of castings. At a lot of castings, we ran into the same casting director over and over. I'm not sure if he was in a bad mood or if he just already had his mind set on exactly what he wanted but he was going through girls very quickly in a very cursory manner, sometimes he wouldn't even look at the models! I guess thats just the attitude of a New Yorker for you! :P

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Don't Take It Personally

Today we had so many castings. I know I've been starting my blogs like this a lot but I don't know how else to rephrase the same thing everyday in a different way! :P I think I did really well on them but at one casting the designer took a look at me and immediately said I was too small for her clothes. Since that's something I can't help, I didn't take it personally. Rejection is just another part of the business and you just have to have tough skin because there's a lot of it. :P

Monday, February 6, 2012

Lana Del Rey

Every morning while me and the other girls gets ready Josh, our chaperone, is always blasting his music. I always have random songs stuck in my head through out the day. In particular, he plays a lot of songs from Lana Del Rey's new albumb 'Born to Die'. I didn't know who Lana Del Rey was until I heard her songs every morning. Her voice and style is very different and unique. Not to the extremes of Lady Gaga or Katy Perry but in a more subtle but dramatic way. My favorite songs of hers are 'National Anthem' and 'Diet Mountain Dew'. (:

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Hello Kitty

Today in between castings, I helped my friend Brooke find a gift for her little sister since her family is coming in town soon. One thing she mentioned is that her little sister loves Hello Kitty and after she said that I knew I had to help because I love Hello Kitty too! We ended up going to Best Buy and found a cute phone case and a set of headphones that both had Hello Kitty on them. They were so cute!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Betsey Johnson

Today I went on many castings for high end designers such as John Pfeiffer, Christian Siriano, Betsey Johnson, and many others. The funnest casting of them all was definitely Betsey Johnson. Just like her clothing line, she makes everything she does vibrant, colorful, fun, and lively. While we sat in the room waiting to be called, we were given lots of candy, which gave me just the boost I needed. When it was my turn to walk, the casting directors seemed to be very interested in me and especially loved my shoes. I have designer/friend John A. to thank for that. His shoes are hand painted and custom made and I've been getting a lot of compliments on them lately.

Friday, February 3, 2012

All Over Town

Today was another long day of castings. We had 10 all together. Nothing much happened after we were done, for me at least. After all that running around I was so tired and went to bed when we got home around 10.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Pizza & Pinkberry

Today was a busy day. Although we didn't have as many castings as usual, their distances were so far apart, it felt like we were walking just as much. After our last casting we hung out around the apartment and then went out to Lombardi's for pizza. Their pizza was soo good. Everything was so fresh and made Italian style. The dinner was filled with laughs and stories. After pizza, we went to get Pinkberry frozen yogurt. I got a small cup of original flavored frozen yogurt with caramel sauce, milk chocolate crunch, and waffle cone. It was delicious :) I had so much fun today!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

We Found Love

Today was another day full of castings. A new girl, Brianna, joined us today and she was really nice and easy going. Sometimes we had a lot of time in between castings so we stopped to eat or window-shop around our favorite stores. The highlight of my day was when I saw the guy from Rihanna's 'We Found Love' music video in person at a casting! I was a little starstruck but I hid it. He was so cool. :)