Monday, February 13, 2012

Rolando Santana

Today I walked for designer Rolando Santana. I arrived at the venue at 1:30 and was immediately sent into hair and make up. I loved the make up a lot, the eye shadow was gold and black with light pink lip about a shade lighter than my natural color. It almost had an Egyptian feel to it but once they did my hair with big, voluminous curls, you could tell the entire look was 70's inspired. After hair and make up, we did a walk through of the show , which is when the designer tells you how he wants you to walk down the runway for when the show really does start. After that, we changed into our outfits, mine consisted of a black turtle neck and black leather jacket and a long, golden skirt with black, suede high heels. When the show started I was so excited. We were all dancing to the music before we went out and having a good time but on the runway, we put our serious faces on! After the show, one of my agents came backstage to tell me I did such a good job and that I'm really improving from last show season. I was really glad to hear this because I always try to do my best. :)

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