Wednesday, February 15, 2012

House of Eleven

Today I went on a lot of castings for hair and make up companies such as Aveda, Wella, and Ambi Skincare. During the Wella Hair casting, they seemed to be very interested in me and they talked about cutting my hair really short. At first I was hesitant about cutting my hair as short as they want me to but I later grew to be more okay with it. And they would be flying me out to London for the job so I think that would be a great experience for me. After my go sees, I had a runway show for 'House of Eleven'. It was so hectic backstage because there were multiple designers and so many models. I really loved the clothes though and walking down the runway was so fun. I get such an adrenaline rush from it. The crowd was so fun and encouraging and when I got off the runway, there were tons of people congratulating me on how well I did so I felt like I did a good job. :)

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