Wednesday, February 22, 2012

First Day Back

Today was my first day back to school since coming home from New York. Everyone was asking about fashion week and if I met any celebrities, and what I wore. I felt very welcomed back by everyone, especially my AVID family. In art class I had to catch up on two oil pastel drawings, one of the sunrise and one of the sunset. I had a few other options but Mr. Hammer said the point of this exercise was about learning how to blend. I had a lot of fun using oil pastels, they're kind of like crayons but the oil makes it glide across the paper and easier to blend. I also had to create a collage in my sketchbook, cutting and pasting items with texture on one page and drawing them with colored pencil and blending on another. Then in English class we watched 'There Eyes Were Watching God', a movie based on the book we're reading in class by the same book. Halle Berry starred in the film and I don't think I've seen many movies with her in it but she is an amazing actress. AVID was also really fun. It looks like I came back on just the right day because Mr. Carney ordered pizza for everybody, it was so good! Lastly, in photography class, I researched photographers for my homework assignment. So today was a good day.

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