Thursday, May 10, 2012

My Avid Senior Farewell

The day has come.. It's hard to believe that after three years of sitting in the audience it was actually our turn to be on stage for our Senior Farewell. The night started with the screening of our (Themis') house video, I wish I could have played a bigger part in it but over all it was pretty good. I can at least say that I came up with the concept of it. Afterwards, we got up and took a bow and then sat down to receive our awards. This is how the rest of the night went, we would watch a video, take a bow, and receive our awards in groups. I won The Iman Oscar of Poise and Decorum. Ms. Casale, my guidance counselor, sponsored me but unfortunately she was not there that night so Ms. Cathirell read the speech she wrote about me for her. I could tell it was very heartfelt and sincere, which I really appreciated it. Afterwards, we got a few words of advice from the Avid site team. The most memorable of them for me was what Dona said about breaking the cycle of teen pregnancy because it is not an easy thing to deal with.Afterwards, we learned who won the competition and surprisingly, not be a long shot, it was Atlas. Prometheus was a close second with Themis in third and Hyperion finishing last. After the ceremony ended and I got home, I look through my Avid gift bag that I got along with my Oscar. There were a lot of cool things inside but the most meaningful of them all was our box of 'fortunes' from everyone in my Avid class. I got so many kind and encouraging messages, a lot of them from people I never would have expected. It really made my night :)

Me receiving my Iman Oscar :)

AVID Seniors Class of 2012!

My mom and I 

My dad and I

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