Tuesday, May 15, 2012

AVID 10 Year Anniversary Dinner

I just got back from the 10 year anniversary dinner for AVID and I had an amazing time. When I got there, I immediately saw my Avid sisters Bonita and Kendyl and we walked around looking at all the other school's representation boards. Eventually, Ms. Dauka came and she brought ours too. I thought it looked great. Afterwards, my mom and dad came and we sat at the table we were directed to. The set up of the room was beautiful and everything looked so well organized. Bonita sat at my table along with Sharee and her family. After what felt like a lifetime of speeches, the food finally arrived. Dinner was delicious, the meal consisted of baked chicken, stuffing, string beans, and hush puppies with strawberry shortcake for dessert. After eating, everyone from our school's class was called to take a group picture on the starewell. Afterwards, I took a few more pictures with my friends and laughed hysterically at a few kids from a different school having what looked to be a krumping (dance) off and then left. It was a very memorable night and I had a lot of fun. :)

Me and the lovely Dona

Themis sisters for life!


Me, Jamilla, & Bonita 

Me standing in front of our school presentation board.

Me and my mom


Me and my dad

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Agnes said...

awww!!! your pictures are really cool Emoni... I'm really gonna miss yhu...