Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Blogging About Blogs

Today I looked into some of my favorite bloggers to see what I could learn from them to make my blog even better. A lot of successful bloggers seem to have their own personalized layout and setup to their blog that makes it unique instead of using the standard tools blogger gives you. Another thing I took note on was that they always have something interesting to blog about and they update frequently. There are pictures on every post and that helps a lot too because viewers want to see the kind of things that go on in your life. I will definitely try to improve my blog and make it stand out because I want mine to be remembered as being the best so that I can win the notebook at the end of the year ;)

Style Bubble is one of my favorite fashion blogs, Susie (the creator of the blog) is an inspiration to me!  I have been following her for a long time <3 :)

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