Thursday, October 13, 2011

Abercrombie and Stitch

Today's average day off took a drastic turn when I fainted onto the floor in a store at the mall today and hit my head, and cut my chin. The embarrassing thing was that I was there to fill out some paperwork at the job I just got; what an embarrassing first impression! Thankfully, all the other employees were supportive and only wished me well and hoped that I got better. And I'm glad my mom was there to help me. As we were leaving I realized I had a pretty serious looking gash under my chin so we drove to the hospital to get it checked out. All of the staff were very friendly and helpful. The main doctor actually took the time to talk to me about improving my diet and making sure I got all the nutrients I needed. I had been trying to be vegetarian but now I see that it won't work for me since I wasn't getting enough iron and protein. So to celebrate, my mom got me a slice of pepperoni pizza. It was so good, I hadn't had pepperoni in what felt like forever! They also did some bloodwork on me along with other tests and everything came out normal and perfectly healthy. Overall, I feel like this was a lesson well learned and I feel lucky that the cut was in a less noticeable area and not my face. I ended up getting four stitches. It didn't hurt because I asked for a lot of numbing medication but unfortunately I'll feel it in the morning when the medication wears off. :P
Me, in the hospital bed. Still putting on a smile <3

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jamilla barnwell said...

hope you feel better and get better!