Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Thank God It's Tuesday

Today in AVID, we watched a video by a spokesmen who goes by the name of E.T; he encourages others to stay positive all throughout the week by coming up with acronyms like TGIM and TGIT, similar to the more popular, TGIF. Today we watched the TGIT video since today is Tuesday and E.T. talked about his four principles for the day. Principle 1 is to take responsibility for your actions and don't blame others or make excuses. The second principle is to make up for when you mess up, this means you have to fix your problems when things go wrong instead of just letting it go unexcused. The third principle is never give up and when things fail, don't be a victim. The fourth and final principle is to be willing to struggle for what you want. I can apply these four principles to my life by taking responsibility for my actions and realizing that I am the only one accountable for my success and if I delay it, I will be the one dealing with the concequences. With this said, I will always do things with as much promptness and immenence as possible to get ahead.

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