Thursday, October 20, 2011

Emoni "Collage Queen" Clouden

I always love starting off my day with art class because it's my favorite class, and also the most fun. We had a "test" today but the unique thing about tests in art class is that its just drawing so it doesn't even feel like a test. We had to draw and scrunched up paper bag in detail and with shading using charcoal drawing untinsels; it was messy but fun to work with. Afterwards, since I had some left over time, I decided to work on my sketchbook. We had to design a section for our drills (or warm ups) so I mad an intro page made of entirely magazine clippings; this is something I have found that I'm really good at. The other kids in my class would pass by and compliment me on my sketchbook and even ask me to do theirs for them! (I kindly said no). My art teacher, Mr. Hammer, said his collages don't even come together as well as mine and he called me 'The Collage Queen', haha :)

The drill section of my sketchbook.

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