Thursday, March 22, 2012

Barnes & Noble Fundraiser

Today I went to the Barnes & Noble fundraiser with my mom. When we got there we immediately saw Dona and Mr. Carney at a table and they told us that if we buy something with a minimum of $10, we can be entered in the raffle to win a brand new Nook. After that, I began looking around to see what I wanted to buy. First I looked through the 'Teen Best Seller' section but there were no books that really caught my attention besides The Hunger Games series, which I've already read, so i just went over to the magazine section. Of course, I chose two fashion magazines but I decided to get two new magazines that I've never read before. One was called Nylon and the other was called Zink. After purchasing them, I went back to Dona and Mr. Carney to show them my receipt and they entered my name in the raffle. After about ten minutes of waiting, Dona drew the winner and I think everyone was shocked when it turned out to be some woman that looked to be in her late 50's who obviously wasn't a student in Avid and not even a parent of any of the Avid students. I think that was really unfair and if Dona decides to do this fundraiser again, the names of Avid students should be the Only ones in consideration!

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