Saturday, March 10, 2012

Styleology Magazine

Today I shot with Styleology magazine. The call time in my e-mail said to meet up at the location at 9:30am but when I got there and no one was there, I found out that the call time had been moved to 10:30am so I had some time to go back to the apartment and warm up. When I went back the second time, everyone was there and I started getting ready in hair and make up and put on my first outfit. We were shooting outside all day and it was very cold outside and to make it worse, I was in spring clothes! However, I knew I had to be professional and work through the cold in order to get good pictures so that's what I did. Everyone was very nice and after we were done we went out for pizza. It was a very fun day. :)

The make up artist on my left, photographer on my right, and stylist in the front. Lol :)


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