Thursday, March 29, 2012

Crazy Trip

I arrived in New York last night and the trip was crazy. First, the bus arrived an hour late, then the bathroom on the bus stopped working so we had to make a stop at a rest stop, then we got into traffic and arrived in New York an hour late! It was very hectic but when I got to the apartment I was very relieved because it was clean and there were only two other girls (and one was leaving in the morning) and I got the bottom bunkbed in the room and lots of cabinet space for my things. One misconception a lot of people have is that models stay in these really huge, luxurious places like they show on America's Next Top Model but in reality (when you're just starting out) models stay in small apartments with up to six or seven girls living in it at one time. However, I am very fortunate because from what I've heard from other models, the apartment I stay in is much nicer that most.

Someday though..

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