Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Target Casting

Today I went on a casting for Target. I had to wake up very early, at 5:30am to be exact, because my bus left at 6:30am. I got into New York City around 9:45 and waited at the agency for Josh so that he could take me on my casting. While I was there I talked to my agents and everyone was saying they loved my outfit and my shoes. When Josh finally arrived, the girls that were currently staying in the apartment came with them and we introduced ourselves to each other. Everyone was very nice. A few minutes later my mom said she wanted me to find my way to the casting on my own since I will be old enough to travel alone soon and I actually found the place pretty easily. The casting went by very fast and I did my best to stand out. After that I had lunch and went to the bus stop to catch the next bus home. Over all, I had a very fun day. :)

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