Sunday, December 4, 2011

Holiday Beauty Photshoot

Today I shot with one of my favorite photographers, Tony V. It was really nice to be shooting with him again. The last time I saw him, I was 15! He always works fast and produces great work. I also worked with make up artist extraordinaire Leiloni C. and hair stylist Jamal C., both of whom I had never worked with before but I put my trust in them and the end result was amazing. Everybody synergized together brilliantly. Leiloni's make up is flawless and her florescent charisma and sense of humor kept me laughing and in good spirits through out the entire shoot. Jamal's presence was just as touching and his versatility in his skills with hair were mind-blowing. Also on set was nail artist, Nia C. She did a killer manicure and brought in the coolest nail polishes. The shoot had a Christmas/holiday theme so all the looks were very cheerful and festive. The shoot went by fast and I had so much fun, I would love to work with everyone again in the future. The pictures should be edited and complete by Christmas so look forward to the pictures! Until then, here are a few behind the scenes shots. (:

Me and Leiloni posing while she applies my make up. :)

The crazy make up artist Jamal, posing with a wig! xD

Getting my hair, nails, and make up done!

Loving the purple and silver nails :)

Another look! :)

Posing :D


Sharee said...

You Look So Pretty Emoni.

jamilla barnwell said...

I love those pictures Emoni they are very pretty!