Monday, December 12, 2011

Nassau Here We Come

Today we stopped in Nassau, Bahamas which I was even more excited about than Freeport because we actually planned to do one of the excursions other than visit the beach. We went to the Atlantis resort to visit the aquarium and sight see. The aquarium was amazing, we saw a myriad of fish, sharks, jellyfish, and many other sea creatures; I even got to touch a star fish! After visiting the aquarium, we stopped for something to eat at a shack on the resort. The prices are so expensive! But I can understand why when the country makes a majority of it's money through tourism. After lunch, we went to one of the resort's private beaches. It was so beautiful but the waves were so rough that we weren't allowed to go in the water! At least we got some good picture out of it. After the beach, we went to another spot on the resort where we rented a water tricycle for my sister and I to ride on and it was really fun. After the end of the day, we took a ferry back to the dock for a few more minutes of sight seeing and eventually went back on the ship. :)

Me and my family just outside of the Atlantis Resort

On the resort, riding on the water bike :)

Queen of Atlantis :D


The lovely beach :)

At the aquarium :)

Leaving on the ferry :)

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