Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!

I'm so happy. My sister woke me up around 7am so we could open our presents. My parents were already waiting because they always watch us open our presents and see our reactions. The cruise we went on was already a Christmas gift in itself so for my parents to spend even more money and give us presents was greatly appreciated. I got a hat and gloves, along with a set of pajamas, a jewelry set, Just Dance 3, a hundred dollars from my grandparents, and a $40 gift card to Macy's from my aunt and uncle. After opening our presents, my dad cooked Christmas breakfast, another tradition we have, of french toast and bacon. Later on in the day, my cousin Renee came over to spend the holiday with us. She brought over some delicious brownies and cookies. I couldn't help but to have a cookie before dinner was ready, they were so good! For dinner, my mom made lasagna, spinach, and garlic bread. After dinner,  Renee, my mom, sister, and I all played Just Dance 3, which was hilarious! My mom was getting more competitive than we were! Overall, I had a really great Christmas and glad I spent it with my family. :)

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