Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Hunger Games

Tomorrow is the last day of school before winter break, I can't wait! I haven't been able to put down this book we're about to read in AVID called 'The Hunger Games' it's an amazing and addictive book. I even like it more than Twilight! It's about the United States after a natural disaster that split the country up into several districts and in response to a rebel by the people, The Capitol created the Hunger Games. These 'games' force children from the ages of 12-18 to fight for their lives by killing eachother off until only one person remains and that winner basically gets to live a perfect life afterwards. Even better, there is a movie coming on the book which will be released on March 23, 2012. I can't wait to see it! It looks so good! Take a look at this awesome trailer :D

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