Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Today we had a guest speaker named Lindsey from Howard University to give us information about her college. Although I'm not interested in attending an HBCU the information she gave us about college in general was very useful. She talked about how college is very different from high school, what kind of classes you should take, dorm life, and social groups. Her story about her crazy roommate was very amusing as well. [x So Dona told us to TABB for todays blog. T stands for the thing we took away from what Lindsey told us, A is for the action we plan to take, the first B is for the barrier that could cause the action to end and the second B is for the benefit of seeing it through. The thing that I took away from this was that even during the summer you have to prepare yourself for the shift from high school to college, work-wise. The action I plan to take it to attend a pre college if my school offers one. The barrier that could get in the way of this is the temptation to not follow through and just relax the whole summer. But the benefit of following through is to not be so far behind and stressed out my first week of college when the work starts coming in.

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