Monday, January 16, 2012

Good Way To Start The Week

Today was a pretty good day at school. In art class we are starting a still life drawing that we will be working on for the next three days to emphasis how much we've learned about shading, light, and proportion. The challenge with this assignment will be that we are working a lot larger than usual, on paper that is 18 x 14 but I am confident that my drawing will come out nicely. After art class, I had a test in English on poetry, which wasn't too hard, although there were 75 questions. In AVID, my friend Kalyn let me borrow 'Catching Fire' which is the second book of The Hunger Games trilogy so I was reading that the entire time. Then, in photography class, I edited my digital joiner photo using Photoshop CS3, which was really fun. When it was time to leave and walk home, it was really nice outside and kind of warm so I was glad about that. :)

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