Sunday, January 22, 2012

Beauty Time!

Today I woke up extremely early, at 4 am to be exact, to hop on a bus to New York City. I'm always excited to go back and I was especially excited to be going back today because I would be doing a beauty shoot for my show cards. The bus left around 5:30 am and I arrived in NYC at 8:30 am. I then walked to the apartment from the bus stop, it was kind of cold but I figured I might as well get used to it since I'll be walking around all over the city for fashion week castings in a week. When I got to the apartment, two of the girls (Allison and Madeline) were there and we just talked and caught up on everything. After unpacking my bags, Madeline was leaving for a shoot and I was kind of hungry so Allison and I decided to go have breakfast. By the time we went back to the apartment, our chaperon, Josh was there and it was time to leave for the shoot. I had worked with the photographer before and he works really fast and always gets a good picture and the make up artist was very creative. The make up was crazy and colorful and honestly I can't describe it in words but luckily I took a before and after picture!


Can't you just Imagine how much fun this was to take off? Not!

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