Monday, January 9, 2012

The Solution

Today I finally found the solution to how I would apply to five colleges. I think everyone in my class has applied to there schools of choice but since my situation is a little different, I wasn't exactly sure how I would get it done. I am taking a year off after high school to pursue my modeling career full time so at first I thought I was going to apply to the schools of choice for if I do have to go to college in New York but the five forty dollar application fees were a problem since I don't want to pay that much money if I'm not really going there this year. And it would be easier for me to get New York state residency by staying in New York for a year so that I would pay in state tuition since it is much cheaper than out of state tuition. Luckily Mrs. Casele, my guidance counselor, told me about Edu Inc., where I can apply to up to 35 schools for $35. This makes it much easier for me and since the colleges I've selected don't require essays, it'll be a much faster process. I am hoping to finish this before the end of the quarter to boost my grade up to the A I deserve. :)

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