Saturday, November 26, 2011

The Aftermath

So the Black Friday crowd was pretty hectic but apparently it had died down a lot since when the mall opened at midnight (right after Thanksgiving). My co-workers said the line to get in was wrapped around the other stores and once the door was opened, the store was jam packed. For the first hour, everything in the store was half off and then afterwards everything was 40% off with a sale on hoodies for $15. Abercrombie is a very expensive brand so when there is a sale, everyone takes advantage of it. Our manager treated us to pizza and Monster energy drinks to help keep us awake and alert for the long shift. Even though standing up for such a long period of time can be a drag, I try to remain positive and not think about the time. As we were closing the store, the manager announced that we made $50,000 that day, which is a big accomplishment since our store is small. I worked again today from 5:30pm-11pm and it was very busy since we were still having our sales from yesterday. :P

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