Monday, November 28, 2011

Mundane Monday

I allowed myself to sleep in this morning before I got up to do my daily chores around the house. When my mom got home home from work, she took me to a doctors appointment that I had scheduled. Even though we scheduled our appointment in advanced, there was still quite a wait before we could see the doctor. After doing a few tests, everything came back healthy, as usual. :) As my mom and I were leaving, we had to give my paperwork to the secretary, Mary Kay. I had never met anyone like her before. Her voice was like the stereotypical secretary you'd see in movies and she did her work in an over the top, cursory manner. The customer service wasn't the best, aside from the doctor, she was nice. We learned that she also works at an office closer to where I live, so we will be going there next time instead.

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