Monday, November 14, 2011

Rough Draft

Today I finished writing my rough draft for the AVID Food RAG. I was contemplating between writing about my seventh birthday party and experiencing an allergic reaction to avocados. At first, I was set on writing about my allergic reaction but after comparing and contrasting the different stories and asking for my friend Shautria's opinion, I decided to write about my seventh birthday party instead; it's definitely the more entertaining story out of the two. The food I bring in will be birthday cake, I even want to replicate the exact cake from my party. I still remember that day very clearly and I still have a reminder of it everyday because of the small scar on my cheek. It's barely noticeable though and I don't even see it as a flaw. Here are a few pictures from that unforgettable day.


jamilla barnwell said...

I love the pictures from your birthday! I think that is a good thing to bring for the food rag! I love cake for my birthday too!

napz1102 said...

I am really excited to hear your food RAG story, your party pictures were so adorable.

Emoni said...

haha, awh. thanks guys! :)