Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Longer Shifts

Today I went to work and my shift was a little longer than usual. Usually, the most I work is four hours a day but today I worked six, and it wasn't a very busy day so that made time go by even slower. However, I tried not to think of it as a bad thing. I remembered what ET said from his TGIM video and I remembered to think of my job as a blessing and I tried to be a blessing by smiling through it and being friendly and helpful to customers. Working a longer shift makes my usual shifts seem shorter than usual so I guess it's a good thing this happened. With Black Friday coming up, I will be getting a lot of hours and working longer than usual so I'll just have to stay positive and brace myself for the chaos. (x


Caleb365 said...

I like how you thought of ET. Nice way to incorporate a lesson within real time.

Julia said...

really pretty this picture! :)
maybe you look at my blog too;) ?
xoxo Julia