Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Persistent Underdog

It feels like it's been dark, windy, and rainy all day today. :(
But aside from that, I watched one of ET's TGIM videos. Although it isn't Monday, I still enjoy watching his videos because they are so inspiring and motivational. I would never have known about these videos if it wasn't for Dona. Today I watched the episode titled, "TGIM Season 3, Episode 9- The Persistent Underdog". The title of it just caught my eye. The first principle he talked about was "take the fight to them". If you're lacking in something that you need in order to succeed, you can't wait around until you have it, you need to be aggressive and go for it like you already have it. The second principle he talked about was that you have to embrace the trials and tribulations. Instead of talking about your trials in a negative way, you should embrace them and use them as motivation to keep trying to be better. His final principle is that as an underdog, you have to believe against all odds. You have to learn how to block out the distractions and negativity and get focused. First, you have to have a vision, a central focus, and establish a dream. You can't expect your plans to go anywhere without a foundation to build it on!

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