Friday, November 11, 2011

SAT Olympics

Today in AVID we had the SAT Olympics. When I saw this on the board I was confused as to what it was about but later understood after watching my classmates before me. Basically, we answer different categorized questions like the sections on the SAT (reading, writing, and math) and we also did ACT questions (science), to my surprise. I got a writing question, which I was excited about because reading and writing were my highest scores on the SAT. Mr. Carney filmed while Jason Gibert asked the question. Jason took so long trying to answer the question but I was too busy laughing to take advantage of my extra time! As I was analyzing the question and answering it out loud, I could see Dona from the corner of my eye cheering and using many gesticulatons because she was so happy that I was the first to actually explain the process of how I got my answer, and I was correct! The whole room exploded into an applause and Dona and Mr. Carney praised me. I left class this period feeling happy and with a big smile on my face. :)

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